Text box in Google doc template

I was trying to use a text box in a Google doc template for an email sent through a workflow rule. It seems, however, that the text box is not rendered in the email body.

Is this the expected behaviour? Has anyone else tried this?

What do you mean by “text box”?

If you select “Drawing” from the insert menu in Google docs, you get a pop up that allows you to add various shapes etc. The icon with a "T " in a square inserts a text box into your google doc.

When the email is sent, the text box n the google doc template is shown as a missing image.

That’s a textbox to add a text to an image. You can’t use it as a classic textbox if that’s your intention.

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Well, the text and the box around it show up in the google document that is the template but not in the email generated from the template.

Not a big deal. I was just curious if it is meant to work or not.

Probably not. Not all Word features are supported, and the more esoteric the feature, the less likely it is to be supported.

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Can a one cell table in doc template help you ? Borders can be hidden or not