Text column: Whole Text selected when you click on it

When you have a Text column and click on it in a form, the text will be selected.
In a LongText column this is not the case.
Why is that difference?
I would prefer the second behavior: Don’t select the whole text.

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You’ll get the same behavior as the text (click and it selects the whole field value) with the Name column type as well.

I’m with you @Fabian, I prefer to NOT select the whole text value.

I don’t know how many times I’ve had to ctrl+z to get the value back because I started typing without thinking.

Maybe make this a feature request??


Good Point @MultiTech_Visions I made it a feature request.

The worst scenario is when you are in quick edit mode and override the existing text.

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I agree as well. Once the whole texts are selected by default, it is possible (to me) to delete by accident due to my fat finters unexpectedly…


My workaround:
Set the column type to LongText with valid if:

COUNT(SPLIT([ColumnName], "
")) <= 1

This does not allow any new lines and LongText becomes Text :slight_smile:

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