Text Fuzzing

I addition to Bold, Italic, etc. it would be nice to have a format rule for text fuzzing/obfuscation of some kind. I have some columns that I would like the user to be able to see are filled, but not see the data.

I don’t believe masking of the type you are imagining is available, but you could add an ISBLANK([Column_Name]) expression to the Show If field for that column - then once input is added the field will disappear.

You could pair this with a hidden column that only emerges when the original field ISNOTBLANK([Column_Name]) which displays a message that input has been received.

That might hide the column after you type one character though - we’ll have to test it out.

The solution I have right now is something like this:

[Column A] → The spreadsheet data I want to obscure
[Display Column A] → A virtual column to display the data (or not display it) with a formula like so:

Permission condition here
“XXX”, → This is some dummy text to show a value exists in the column but you can’t see it.
[Column A]

It works just fine, but it’s cumbersome to add a virtual column for every single column I want to add the obfuscation to, when a simple format rule could do the trick and apply the same way to multiple different columns.