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I reckon the external service to display text-icon has been changed some months back and then the size of text within the icon get smaller (or tiny). Is there any chance to increase the default size of the text ?


UX > Options > Fonts > Text size

I understand it will resize all the text on the app rather than only text on text icon.

Yeah you’re right, sorry. My bad

@SKETCHwade Are you meaning text with the action button?

I mean texts within text_icon

You mean lower button menu?

EST, three characters that’s no problem font size is large enough to read.

But the text number increase the font size is shrinking far too much.

Now understood :smiley: :smiley:

Sorry for too little words from me…

Printscreen helps normally a lot. No need to guess.

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Quite true

It seems that the “padding” is almost 50%. @morgan any thoughts?

50% margin sounds little too much and killing space. Otherwise I need to buy new glass to see little characters !!

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AppSheet is using the service https://placeholder.com/

It’s the same as this URL:
And you get an image like that:

You could also write the expression
and set the column type to IMAGE or THUMBNAIL.

Here are listed some other Placeholder Generator.

I really like this one:

You can play with colours, fonts and sizes and get someting like this:


If you have a text column, you can use this expression in your image column:
CONCATENATE("https://imgplaceholder.com/100x100/efb527/c01ece?text=" , [Your_Text_Column] , "&font-size=40&font-family=child")

You can also use line breaks with _br_ like:
CONCATENATE("https://imgplaceholder.com/100x100/d6c71b/2334a7?text=" , [First Name] , "_br_" , [Last Name] , "&font-size=20")


Fantastic ! Fabian!

Thank you for sharing this . I will place my own customised placeholders using those services.

Thank you once again!

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You’re welcome. No need for new glasses :rofl:

This service is no longer working with AppSheet.
Please consider this follow up Post: