Text_Icon() I successfully used this express...

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I successfully used this expression Text_Icon([Name]) My problem is the generated thumbnail is derived from the “key” which is the Patient Identification Number. How do I point Text_Icon() to use the [Name] column in reference to the key?


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Hi @WhiteCrow_MD,

May we know if you

referencing Patient ID Number and Name from a different master table into another child table. And in this child table, are

you creating the Text_ICON field?

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[Patient ID Number] and [Name] are referrenced on the same table, with [Patient ID Number] as key. I wanted to use [Name] as the thumbnail.

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Thank you for update

@WhiteCrow_MD.In that case when you save a record in the child table,does the [Name] referenced from master table get saved in the [Name] column of child table?

When I tested, if I reference both the columns,then the thumbnail captures the [Name } properly,

At times, if in the master table, Patient Number is key and [Name] is label and if you only reference Patient ID in child table, the [Name] drop down field will show names[Name] in child table but back end will store the key.Hence the query please.

Summary: If back end spreadsheet is capturing [Name]properly in child table, the thumbnail work sproperly per my testing.

Hope this helps.