Text_Icon is not working

My Text_Icon is stopped working…
It was working fine. but now working. It refers some site address like " The concatenation of all these text values ( …“https://placeholdit.imgix.net/~text?w=100&h=100&txtalign=middle,center&txttrack=1&txt=” …The value of column ‘Week No’

My expression is


  • this expression was working fine… no idea what happens now.
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This is happening to me as well. And I looked at a sample app for TEXT_ICON and it also was just showing the exclamation point.

I could reproduce the same. Thanks for this info!

Does this mean that its broken and being fixed?

That means @Aleksi will pass the info to the AppSheet developer team :slight_smile:

Experiencing same issue here as well. This is a major display function of my app. Will it be down for long?

The expression seems to be still broken. My expression is used to convert a number to a thumbnail. All numbers are working except for 0 (zero). It shows on the app as 100x100

See post here for a workaround

@Wes_Bunch As a workaround, you could convert it as a text.

We had to quickly move this functionality to a different service, but this new one has some problems. This handling of 0 looks like a bug on their end. I think we will continue looking for a better option, perhaps imgplaceholder.com as @Jonathon suggested.

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I replaced this functionality on my App, It is still down?