Text=Number returns correctly but LongText=number does not

Is there some underlying logic behind why LongText=Number returns incorrectly but Text=Number returns correctly? Yes I know I should compare the types to themselves but the auto generating always prefers longtext over text for me and sometimes I need to compare values that may contain either text/numbers to fields that only need to contain numbers.

Can you elaborate on when you’re comparing text columns to number columns? It’s best to go through each column after connecting a table and ensure the column type is correct (and not rely on the initial assignment).

I have a variables table in one of my apps that can contain pretty much any value that I will use elsewhere in the app. Just a simple table with key, name, and value. This allows me to use non-static values that I can change in database and even front a few select values for my app admins to change.

95% of the time it’s just the defaults messing me up when I’m working fast to build a prototype.

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