Text to speech and speech to text functionality

Hi All
My first post here.

I wonder if AppSheet enables the following - and how:

  1. Text to speech - I would want the app to speak to the user.
  2. Speech to text - naturally, board does have this functionality, but I am looking for this to be done as part of the app. Ideally, the wait would not expire after a momentary silence of the user, ie. dictation with no rush at all.
  3. The prototype of my app was done in HTML+Javascript for some text transformation and word database (language training app). I wonder how this could be done with the use of AppSheet. Happy to replace JS code with something else if necessary but there will be some if-then conditions.
    Thanks a lot

I’m afraid we don’t have these functionalities directly in the app. @Kirk_Masden has done some language training apps.

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Thanks @Aleksi! But I don’t know how to handle @TOTAL’s issue. @TOTAL, I think AppSheet is still rather far away from the kind of functionality you are referring to. The last time I checked, even native playing of and recording of mp3s was not possible. It’s is possible to link to an mp3 in the cloud but that forces the app to leave the normal interface and use the browser to play it.

@Kirk_Masden I was just thinking your translator app if it would help @TOTAL somehow.

Thanks. Unfortunately, my app isn’t a translator – it’s for memorizing vocabulary. Several parts of it are bilingual but I did that all by hand – no automatic translation.