Text vs Name Column Type

Can anyone tell me what the difference between using a Name column type vs Text column type. I have not really noticed the difference and wondered what I might of missed or if anyone can tell me what the “added value” was from using one over the other.

As far as I know there is no difference. Both text and string type!!
Regardless of either one we choose, it runs exactly same way.

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I thought as much, was just trying to figure out why there was two options to do the same thing.

Yes, I thought exactly same as yours before. But no secret behind, the same.

Adding @Steve. I thought you once had info about the difference?

(Thanks for the heads-up, @Fabian.)

The Name type is a Text type that offers input suggestions from names in the device’s contact list. Similarly, the Address type is also a LongText type (I believe) that offers input suggestions from addresses in the device’s contact list.


That’s interesting. So name for contacts with the added value you mention and probably a good idea make everything else text if long text added value on more space is not needed.

Can I please request this is checked, and then the documentation updated accordingly, starting with:

Also, can someone make a demo that demonstrates the difference?