Textual versioned serialization of an app


  • turbo-charge app development by removing a lot of tedious UI clicking and field entering
  • provide a simple interchange format for collaboration and to leverage existing tools for managing and generating text (code)

What is being requested:

  • text representation of the app
  • serialization format like JSON
  • the format of the text representation is versioned with backward compatibility (as possible)
  • export from appsheet into this format
  • import into appsheet to update an app
    (the Application Documentation is a start, I could scrape it (why can’t this be at least downloadable json??) and produce at text representation myself however anything I do with that text representation cannot be updated into the app)

It would be useful to have a textual representation of an app for these benefits:

  • host the app in a standard version control environment like gitlab
  • merge changes from multiple developers, use regular version control features
  • allows open sourceing the app to share with others and allow them to fork and contribute
  • provides a way for people to link to an app that is a simple representation
  • provides a way to share a representation of the app, without sharing the actual app
  • enables viewing and editing the entire app in one place in a text editor
  • allows automated lint checking on the app
  • allows the app to be auto-generated
  • allows abstractions through generator code modules for common mechanisms and tips and tricks to be injected