Thanks for any help you can give - trying to...

(Jessica Buttimer) #1

Thanks for any help you can give

  • trying to sort by the _RowNumber of a drop-down value…

I have a table called “Outreach” that has a row for every time a person is contacted.

It has several drop-down values to denote the status of various process. One is CC Status that has 11 possible Values.

My sheet had those status columns setup with Data Validation, which pointed to the appropriate column in my “Values” sheet/table.

So, AppSheet automatically created those as hard-coded Enum fields.

My issue – when I want to display the rows from the Outreach table, grouped by CC Status, I want to sort by the _RowNumber of the Values table and NOT alphabetically…but, this isn’t an option in the View.

My workaround now, is to have a number in front of the value, but users are getting confused by all the numbers.

Do I need to change the dropdowns in Outreach to Refs? And then include the Values _RowNumber in the Slice to be able to sort the way I want?

Thank you!

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

I’m afraid that’s the only option you have at this moment because the SORT expression will sort the list only with it’s own value.

(Jessica Buttimer) #3

bummer. thanks!