"That option to hide the menu + search itsel...


“That option to hide the menu + search itself is going away. The menu is going to always be visible. it has some essential functions that become problematic if hidden.” When is this happening? I may have to redesign one of

my Apps or go back to a google form or web form as it is basically just a public form with many options.

(Grant Stead) #2

Where did you get that lore?

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #3

I wrote that as a response to another question.

If an app hides its menu, there had better not be any problem with queued up entries. Otherwise, they are stuck without any ability to reset the queue or recover changes. Having seen this now repeatedly, we realized that perhaps it is fine to say — you know you’re always going to have a menu. It is going to show the app About info. It will show the Feedback link when appropriate. Logout. Etc, etc. Those things need a standard and unsurprising place for users to find them.

Timeframe — probably only in the fall and we’ll do it as a deprecation — i.e. we’ll remove the option in the editor first while leaving old apps the way they are.