The Ability to Force a sync and go back to another App

all in all,

Something to take care of this, this has so many convenience use cases.

If I’m not mistaken, when you try this an error/alert pops up telling you that you’re navigating away from the app when it has un-synced changes.

I think if the app would upload any pending syncs if the app is open (but not necessarily the specific app that has the pending syncs), that would be a good fix.

But I’ll take any version of this. :wink:

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Actually, The error does come up, but the point is.
If you have forced sync turned on, when the user presser save, it first goes through the entire syncing stuff, app syncing… and than after this, syncing screen goes away again and than this error your talking about pops up, right now all my users just press yes ignoring this error as this error is more or less a bug. It should not be popping up because everything is synced already :).