The app can change permissions on google docs


I’m making a track document application with 3 divisions namely sales, legal, and accounts

I want to make an application that has permissions related to it
when sales send documents to legal, then only legal editors can edit the document. sales and accounts cannot edit documents. Likewise, when the document feels on the account. then sales and legal cannot edit the document, and I save the document on Google Drive

is it possible if I want to make an application like that?
thank you

AppSheet cannot affect the permissions or accessibility of the files saved to your cloud storage; but those files will be stored in the cloud storage of the app owner, and only accessible outside of the app according to the sharing settings of the directory in which they are stored. Access to files from within the app is something the app itself must be deigned to control. Further, AppSheet cannot control what users can do or do with the files users receive via email or download through the app.

I m not sure why you are trying to do this over “documents” rather than over the appsheet app itself.
The document (i reckon they are words, excel etc) are just saved over the cloud services. If you give the access to those files with the permissions, the user who have access to it can do what they can do basis the permission level they gain. this is quite normal and usual. Appsheet can controls those permission over the saved files, none of any other solutions could do.

Best approach is to all the stuffs over the app. If you need “Documents” then create those from appsheet workflow.

no, what I mean is whether the appsheet can change the permissions of documents that are already available on google docs?

like this :

hmmm look like aodocs

Me: so? for now, appsheet can’t set permissions on google docs right?