The app is slow

Hi all. I don’t know why when I use the app for about one month but this app is slow. Sync app lost 164 seconds. What??? My app has only 10-15000 rows, I think it’s not too much. So why?

15000 rows might be a lot if you have a lot of expressions using SELECT() functions. Have you done anything for data scalability like applying security filters or data partitioning yet?

These articles might help:


Check if you are using App Formulas (VC) wrong. I mean, sometimes the Time expressions doesn’t need to be App Formulas and instead can be replaced by Initial and so on…
Replace each App Formula that is not listening to changes with initial and you may find that it will improve the speed.
How many VC are you using right now?

PS: Also, take a look at Manage → Monitor → Performance profile