The App kick out user frequently


It seems like the App kick out users pretty frequently. It happened frequently, especially during when we inputting the data, we have a long checklist onsite that we need to do, and the app kicked us out frequently, and when we signed in again, the data is lost. So need to redo. It seems like a bug, please fix it.

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Thanks Sheila. Could you provide more information on what you mean by “kick out users”? Do you get logged out of the Editor when building the app, or are your users experiencing the issue when they use it on their devices? If you have screenshots, they might help us identify the issue.

The app suddenly log you out when using the app on the devices. So all the the data that we fill out is gone, and need to redo it. It does this while we are inputting the data onto the app. The devices that we are using is iPad. We also sign in through google.

Hm, this sounds like a bug, I am not sure why this would be happening. Maybe there is a security setting on the iPad that causes this issue? If that doesn’t sound familiar, please contact

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I’ve submitted claims to as well about this same issue, and they keep telling me that its due to the memory on the device.

Inputting something into the app via a form always works the first time after the app “clears the cache.” But upon further form inputs, there seems to be a point where the app starts to slow down, and you know that you’re bound to have a resync or “kick-out” as you describe that clears the data on the form you’ve just tried to input.

My theory is that the Appsheet app stores the effects of the data change directly onto your own device. Even if the app saves your data onto the sheet in the backend successfully, the cached data remains. As you continue to submit further changes, the cached data overwhelms your allotted local storage for the Appsheet app.

Some things that can predispose to this problem

  • Large tables
  • Ref values connecting different tables

That’s just my theory, but I’ve had this problem for a while now as well.


Thank you for your input. I will send an email to support, hopefully they fix it soon.


Larger data sets will be more susceptible to memory issues, but there are things we can do to improve memory efficiency as well. We are starting to roll out some changes that we believe should address this instability. If you email with your account number I can opt in your account to receive these changes early. Keep in mind there may be some additional risk with being among the first users to receive the changes. There are also other potential problems with large data sets besides high memory use, such as running out of local storage space, which these changes wouldn’t address.