"The app template diff data is too large" - i...

(Simon Robinson) #1

“The app template diff data is too large” - in get version history

What does this mean?

Made one smallish change now

I now have 94 errors!

All related to missing tables.

(Philip Garrett) #2


When you save the changes you have made in the Editor, we attempt to compare the AppTemplate when it was last saved to the current AppTemplate. The goal is to report what you have changed since the last time you did a save. If there are too many changes we give up on reporting individual changes and report “The app template diff data is too large”.

Having said that, there may be more going on in your case. Occasionally the Editor fails to save the schema for a table properly. This happens very rarely and we have yet to determine why this happens.

I wonder if that is what you are seeing? If so, you need to use the version history to retrieve an earlier version of your app before the schema problem occurred.

(Simon Robinson) #3

@Philip_Garrett_Appsh I don’t think I changed more than usual, but maybe so.

What was strange was I had to go back 2 versions and the one before was apparently not working either.

The only thing i had to redo was to delete a Ref View

(Philip Garrett) #4


I do not think it was really the volume of change you made that caused the problem.

Rather, something you changed, provoked the Editor error that causes the schema to be lost. The schema loss made it look like a massive change had occurred, hence the “The app template diff data is too large” message.

If you have any insight into what might have provoked the Editor schema loss error, please let us know. We would really like to find and solve the Editor problem, but it happens rarely, and it is really hard to figure out what is provoking it.

Having to drop back more than one version is also common. Which only makes it harder to figure out the source of the problem.

(Philip Garrett) #5


Just discussed this with Praveen.

Can you tell us the app name and versions that had the problem? We would like to look at the bad AppTemplates to see if we can gather any clues about what is happening.