The application name does not appear

The application name does not appear.

There have been some changes with this recently. If I recall correctly, they have removed the app name altogether. There now is a property in UX->Options->General to show or hide the View Name in this same location - “Show view name in header”.


HI John,

The removal of the Appname is temporary as we are shifting some of the designs to a cleaner look. @morgan is about to checkin some changes to the side menu that should bring back the appname in a more optimized design.
I believe part of these changes is also to make the UX/Options/General/Show view name in header to be ON by default for new applications moving forward.
Now ideally we should not have removed the appname as we transition to the new design. It’s learning for our engineering team about how we handle redesign of part of the apps moving forward.


Thank you for the explanation. I did try to find what I had read before but came up empty handed.

Is there any news about when this feature is going to be re-activated? Thanks

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I’m told the app name has been permanently moved off the top of the view and now occurs in the app’s main menu.

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Alright! Thank you for your answer!

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