The appsheet can be used like a transactional...

(Jader James) #1

The appsheet can be used like a transactional system of the government? Maybe with 500 to 5000 users, accessing from Android and browser…with Google cloud with replication and backup…or the system would failure in stand online (http requests), and invoke webhooks, generate .docs and PDFs etc…my application is for crime scene and is in 80%

progress…I am a database administrator and I’m happy with the possibility build the system lonely without other roles (developer etc), but if this is inviable I must change my route…thanks

(Mary Jane Pender) #2

Praveen Seshadri -

Jader, you need to have a discussion with the CEO Praveen.

He can help you with all the questions you will have about doing an app with a large user base and the best approach – perhaps using SQL Server or MySQL Server.

You can build apps on your own but if you need more complex features you would benefit from the help of an Appsheet professional who can set up the code for the complexities and then show you how it is done.

(Mary Jane Pender) #3


Praveen you may want to connect with Jader.

I think a phone conversation might help him understand what can be done and the different subscription plans.

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #4

Thanks @Mary_Jane_Pender!

@jader_james, please send a note to with a little more information about the app you are building, the organization you are with, etc. That will be the most direct way to help address your questions.

In general, your app sounds very much buildable on AppSheet. With higher loads, there are some good design choices that will help.