The AppSheet Editor menu bar is getting an upgrade

What is happening?

In the upcoming days, the Editor menu bar will be updated to help make it easier to save app customizations, and access AppSheet resources.

Why are we making these changes?

User feedback and research suggest that the Save button, for first time users, is hard to find. We have many actions and links that are not related to the editing experience, so we’re moving those away and only leave critical controls exposed. Everything else will remain hidden under different menus, to help focus on tasks relevant to the app being customized.

How will it look?

Take a sneak peek at the preview below!

Note: under the sub-menu ‘More’ users will see links to the following pages: Platform, Pricing, Enterprise, Blog, Solutions, Customers and Partners.


Thanks you for annoucing new improved UI, which looks great.

Just one tiny feedback.

Recently I found out it is difficult to find a place to simply “log-out” from the account.

If Im correct, the only one place to log out from account is to go to My Account and hit sign-out. Little neasted deeply inside, I found myself to find this action difficult, just to log out…


Thank you fo the feedback, Koichi. I’ve had that problem myself and it’s indeed annoying. Will bring this up with the team :slight_smile:


Agreed with logging out… Please make this more accessible.

Also, save & notify should be buried… I have accidentally clicked it too many times…


Thanks you @macastan

It could lead to disputable subject, but for me, it could be makinse more sense that the default save action to be “save and verify data” so that we keep make sure the app is always up and running status as a whole without expliciately hitting this save action.

Maybe other member prefer the current set up.


Nice to have the save button back. I mostly use save and verify also. @tsuji_koichi


This is a great improvement. I really like that the AppSheet logo in the top-left has been repurposed to go to My Apps. I will definitely be making more use of that link.


Looks great, and seems very logical. Nice!


I also agree. When I hit save, I ALWAYS drop down, and click save and verify… (I often accidentally click save and notify. Which is terrible… Especially working with stable vs latest versions, etc. I would NEVER want Appsheet to deliver that type of push notification to my users.)


I agree.
Maybe leave this option and move this action into the place just beside the broadcast noification settings within Users pane? to evacuate, taking into account users who are using this feature?

Yes, my fingers is super fat, I accidentally did the same before.


It depends on what you are working on. If you work on workflow templates or table views, it is good to hit “Save & Verify”. But if you (for example) just enter some new Enum values, you are ok with “Save”.
“Save & Verify” can take really long when you have a lot of data and workflow templates. So “Save” will save you time :joy: But as @Phil stated we should hit “Save & Verify” periodically.


Agreed! For me, defaulting to Save & Verify would be terrible. That operation very often times out for my insanely large app & my scores of email templates. Unless of course I am working in the middle of the night or early on the weekends and then I have the AppSheet servers mostly to myself.

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Anything on these menu upgrades gonna help the fact that going to my account from my apps takes like 15-20 seconds and is just a really annoying that it takes so long?

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Hi @macastan

The link to the following new menu seems to be broken.

Perhaps this is the right one?


Thank you for reporting this! I will file as a bug and fix ASAP :slight_smile:


This may just be me but when looking at the new menu bar, it gives a feeling of just being off? I can’t pinpoint why but my gut says it has to do with there being basically a whole nother “menu bar” right below it and they don’t line up(ignore my not straight line). Very small and very mild but the sizing does adjust with zoom levels so it is always slightly off. feels like instead of a 2% left and 2% right its just 4% right padding

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I didn’t notice it at first but it seems that the “AppSheet” logo on the left always opens a new window. This can be problematic. If someone leaves an unsaved version of an app open in a window then, forgetting about that window, opens it again from “My Apps” and edits it, there will be a problem. I used to be able to save my work an an app and then click on the “AppSheet” logo to go to “My Apps”. Is there an alternative way to do that now. A default that forces us to go back and close windows doesn’t strike me as an improvement. Am I missing something?

This is the problem:

Screen Shot 2021-06-22 at 15.49.08

I think I have wound up making this kind of mistake more frequently since the editor was changed.


Hopefully you saw the new sign out button under the avatar (icon with your letter) in the Editor. Shoutout to @benhare :slight_smile:

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More noticable.

Thnak you for addressing this request.