The Appsheet itself changes the ID value

Strange things are happening in my program. I created a table with columns ID, Value. I filled it in from google spreadsheets, inserting the lines I needed (there are many of them for manual input through the program). This table is now the parent table and has a relationship with another table. Periodically, Appsheet shows me a warning that there are duplicate ID values ​​in the parent table. I fix them and later new takes appear.
A little about ID values. I generated them using an online UUID generator (128 bit). Then I trimmed to the first 8 characters and removed the duplicate values.
What am I doing wrong?

Hi @bamalt
Have you had a look at these documents?


Yes, I looked, but maybe I missed something.
The point is that I do not use the UNIQUEID () function in the program. That is, I created unique IDs myself, inserted them into the source table and did not change any more. And I just use the ID field as a key one.
I can’t imagine a situation where AppSheet would need to change the ID value on its own.

Please post a screenshot of the affected table’s column list from UX >> Columns in the app editor, being sure to include the key column.