The Change Timestamp column keeps auto computing even when the column to watch for changes is null

In my app, I have a “Check In Status” and “Check Out Status” columns. The “Time In” and “Time Out” columns will watch for the “Check In Status” and “Check Out Status” respectively to change before it capture the timestamps.
However, when I use the app to check in only, the “Time Out” column in my google spreadsheet also appear the timestamp.

How can I actually prevent this from happening?

Thank you.


Try adding a specific value for the ChangeTimestamp to trigger on.

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Hi Chris,

Thank you for the reply. I have set the same as per your advice but it is still not working.

Please post a screenshot of the column configuration screens for the Check In Status and Time Out columns.

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Does the either the Check In Status or Time Out columns have any configuration in the Auto Compute section?

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Nope, there is no configuration in both the auto compute section.