The event 'New Month Changed' is not compatible with process 'New process'

can anyone tell me what must i do when this error occur please, so Im making an outomation with botwhere the event is scehdule every 1st day each month, the task is an action to add a new row to another table using this row value. but i get an error message " The event ‘New Month Changed’ is not compatible with process ‘New process’ " like this. how can i fix this? thankyou so much

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Attn @prithpal @Dan_Bahir @praveen

This one of the most useless, user-hostile messages AppSheet presents. This needs to be fixed.


If you have a scheduled event that is not “For Each Row In Table”, then it is a generic trigger and does not have a payload. If you check the input type of “New Process” it probably takes a a row from a table as input. Since the event output and the process input do not match it is telling you that it is not compatible.

I am making the assumption that you want to add constant data to the new table as there is no row information when you use a generic trigger.
So design a process that has a “None” input. The issue is that all the data actions expect a row as input so you cant use them. A workaround for that is to call a child process and add a new row when calling the child process, that allows to add a new row without one in context.

So you need to create a process on the table that you want to add a row to. The process can be empty with no steps.
Then in your bot that is connected to the scheduled event have a call process step and call the process mentioned above. Chose the add option and supply the values for the fields of the tables.