The last Task overwrites everything

Hi @prithpal @Dan_Bahir

I would like to know if the following behavior is expected for Automation?

I am currently doing a validation with a simple Automation that updates the values of result_1 to result_3 for columns 1 to 3 after creating a record.

At this time, I can get the expected results by making all the steps into tasks or processes.

The problem is the case where the task is executed at the end after the process.
In this case, the task overrides everything based on the state at the time the event is launched, without considering the processes that have been executed before.

We believe that there can be a case where a Task is executed after a Process.
I can understand this as a programmatic process, but I think it would be difficult for AppSheet users, called Citizen Developers, to understand in such a case.

Cases where the behavior is as expected

Cases that cause confusion



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@Takuya_Miyai can you please share screen shots of config for each step (“Call P1”, “Call P2”, “set 3 Task”) and also share screen shots of configs for all steps of P1 & P2.


Hi @prithpal

I’ve released it as a sample app, can I have you check it out?
You can also check the operation by simply creating a new record with the initial values in each table.