The monitor app is VERY slow


Thanks for helping!
No, normally we dont use VPN.

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Hi Oliver,

We have a performance issue for loading large app templates from server (or access) outside of US.
And the monitoring app requires loading your existing apps at the moment in order to show automation data.
Could you use VPN for now when accessing the monitoring app?
I will follow up with the team to see how to address the app loading issue for access outside of US.


This is absurd. Why is monitoring not part of the app editor?


Using VPN is not a modern IT stuffs . For those who deal with AppSheet is non coder who have no idea about VPN stuffs as well.


Why is “use a VPN” a response to the product that was purchased, in perfectly fine working order, and is now not working correctly? That’s like saying hey we sold you this car in Norway(? guessing from the .no in your profile) but the gas it runs on is only available in the US. Like seriously? Workflows worked just fine and the replacement is riddled with issues.


Unfortunately our voice from user community is not reaching to google sadly. It was thought before as far as I reckon.


Hi all, some updates on topics in this thread …

*) FYI the My Account page should now be reasonably fast (some customers were taking minutes to load the page — if there were many large apps in the account and they were based in Europe – that is now down to a few seconds I believe). The old slow behavior had been there forever and has been recently fixed.
*) The Monitoring app is net new. The only monitoring available on the old Workflow rules was via the audit log (which still works with the same performance). The purpose of the new monitoring app itself was to provide richer functionality. But there were some inefficiencies in the monitoring app (it was fetching all the app definitions although you probably only need to monitor the bots of any one at a time in the most common case). This again surfaces if you have more apps and if the latency of fetching these app definitions is high.
*) Zhifeng had made optimizations a month ago that significantly speeded this up and eliminated this inefficiency. We have an internal thread going to find out if these have rolled out and get to the bottom of this. Response later today on this. I believe as part of debugging some of these things, he has experimented with using a VPN, but that is not meant to be a general answer. So apologies for the “VPN” part of the conversation causing a miscommunication.
*) More broadly, there is a lot of infrastructure work in progress to move the app definitions closer to locations around the world (instead of having them all sit in a database in the US). As that happens, there will be general improvement beyond this particular slowdown.


There are different places for us to “debug stuffs”

BOT monitors. Performance log, Audit log.

I m super familiar with Appsheet for those stuffs, but for those who get onboard appsheet now, it is surely difficult to debug the problems.

AppSheet used to be easy and intuitive to deal with debugging but no longer in my opinion. This platform is becoming a tool not for non coder but for dev people.


Thank you, we really welcome all these improvements!

But regarding this:

The only monitoring available on the old Workflow rules was via the audit log (which still works with the same performance). The purpose of the new monitoring app itself was to provide richer functionality.

When we used the “Test” button on the old workflows, it returned errors from the steps within the workflows. (for instance if a formula was wrong in an attachment template). This is now removed from Automation(!) So we are now not able to debug templates as before, using the “Test” button on bots.
The only place to find this information is now in the monitoring app, which is not working. But even it the monitor app was working, we have lost some really handy and efficient functionality :disappointed_relieved:


Thank you for clarifying @OliverDahl ---- I’ll escalate this and try to get that functionality back to original asap.


Awesome, thank you very much! :smiley:
Have a nice day!

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Some update –
I followed up with Oliver on the slowness of the Monitoring App and I included Oliver’s account under a rollout so that it will be monitoring one and only one app at a time.
It is a slightly different experience but it should help you with the monitoring app getting timed out (or slowness in general) issue.

Here is the updated behavior:

  1. when you first access the Monitoring App, it will display data from your first app (last modified) in the list
  2. if you want to “monitor” a different app (other than the first one), you will need to go to the side menu and hit “Settings” and then choose the app from the “App to monitor” dropdown and then hit save.

According to @OliverDahl this resolves the slowness issue observed on the Monitoring App and the app now syncs pretty fast for him.
let me know if some of you are interested in being included in this rollout. (And we are planning to roll this out slowly)



@OliverDahl We just released a new feature for “Testing a bot”, which will show all the tasks in the parent process, and allow users to test run each task. Please try it out! Thanks!


Can you shared the screenshot ?

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PERFECT! Thank you very much :smiley:

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My monitoring App seems to be very jumbled up. Some examples attached:

No Bot Name, Process or Event. Process Steps Detail is correct but Process Steps is from a completly different App


In the one below, Events is correct. Everything else is incorrect. Process details are fom another App.

BOT’s are running ok (I think)

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