The Nested table column

I created the UX with the Nested table column and I found the white space if the nested table have not any data. Is it possible to hide the white space?

May I ask you to take a printsceen from that position, thanks.

Please see this screen, Thanks

If you open the inline view itself from the View(n) button, are you seeing the same behaviour?

Hi @Aleksi same thing here. It’s a Deck View with a “Nested table column”.
There is a lot of white space when there are no entries.

Printscreen possible?

At the moment uploading images is not working for me.
Sorry, there was an error uploading that file. Please try again.

With Android it’s possible to upload image.

@morgan Any thoughts?

FYI, I open a bug on the issue of the extra white space and the fact that nested table rows are being cut off. Please see the post below and feel free to contribute to it.

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