The QREW Tech Team is Hiring!

Hi AppSheet Community.

QREW is looking to expand its team of Contractors and Full-Time & Part-Time Solution Architects.

We need talented and creative thinkers to help us bring customer ideas to life with AppSheet and related technologies.

You will be expected to provide training, consulting, and development for AppSheet users across the globe. 1yr experience on AppSheet and general experience with adjacent technologies (AppScript, SQL, API, VBA, etc) is required, with more experience being a huge plus.

If you’re interested, please fill out this preliminary form and we’ll be in contact shortly.

@QREW_Cam @QREW_Ben @CJ_QREWTech @Landan_Quartemont


Congrats Stefan and best of luck! Awesome to see your team growing!

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Sounds like a fun time, but I am just an amatuer college dropout who loves learning to program/script/etc (when the mood hits), but no real world experience doing it as my job. Or certs. Or anything else. Good luck!

We love college drop-outs at QREW :slight_smile: feel free to fill out the form and we can talk more.


Well then, since you insist, I’ll fill it out when I get home. I’m a good Google warrior if nothing else. :stuck_out_tongue:

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