The style for displaying the view names on primary position with long names

When we have long strings for view names and the same being placed on primary position, it looks like this on mobile devices.

Top of icon is pushed toward the bottom navigation area.

I know the workaround should be to shorten the view names, but I wish AppSheet automatically fit them to optimize, by such as cutting off the end of the strings to shorten rather than pushing up things to display all in the limited display area.

Thank you.



Just exaggerated, but this can happen.


What can’t you use the "Display Name " property?

I assume you are aware of it. For newer users reading…there is a Display Name property in each view that gives the ability to provide a name that is used only when the view is shown. This allows you to have longer, more descriptive names of the views in the editor but show a more user friendly name in the app.

That’s not my point here .

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Oh, I get it and I agree. The app should protect itself from this use case.

I’m not taking about how to avoid the issue or workaround to prevent.