There is already a row with the key in add new row action

Hi All,
I have linked tables and created an action in parent table " New Cheque" to add a new row to child table.
Then I have created a new action of “execute an action on set of rows” to invoke the " New Cheque" action in form saved of parent form.

the intention is to copy some row from the parent and set some formulas with other that were not intended to be copied.

i set my child table key with initial value of [Unique ID].

after saved, i keep getting this error of Failed action due to “there is already a row with the key”.

what am i doing wrong here?

thanks for the input

Hi @reggieneo
Usually, Unique ID formula for initial value is UNIQUEID()


Hi Lynn,
Yes , it’s just a typo error.
Going back to my question, can you assist on this please?

Hi @reggieneo
Which are your key columns? I think if you do not set the values of the key columns then they will be blank and if there is more than one blank key they are then deemed to be the same. Is this a possibility in your case?
If this does not help perhaps @Steve may know what is happening with your actions. I m not very familiar with this setup.

Instead of [Unique ID], try UNIQUEID().

Hi Steve,
t’was just a typo error but in formula was correct.

I have finally found the error.
When I though i have removed the duplicated column from being a key, it wasn’t actually saved as such.
i-revisited and found my blunder.