There's an issue with the chart view

Hi all,

The chart views on my app were working fine till today morning. Now the x-axis values are not shown at all. Even if I go into the individual chart view they cannot be viewed on my mobile device. They work fine on the iPad however. Any reason for this?

It’d be great if someone can help me with this urgently, as I have a presentation based on this app in one hour.

Thank you!

Please contact directly for help with this.

Thanks @Steve. I sent them an email. Any particular reason that you can think is the explanation for this behaviour of the app?
As off late, the icons on the app (I have assigned some vectors as icons) also sometimes become big in size without any reason (the vector images in some icons would expand in size going out of the lines of the box that the icon should be confined to. I can’t understand why this would happen, but if I reload the app after completely switching it off, then the icon problem would be sorted, but after a while it would come back.

Unfortunately, I have next to no experience with graphs in the app, and so have had no experience with the quirks or troubleshooting them. I’m afraid I can offer no insight in that.

On the other hand, from my perspective on the fringes of the company (as a remote contractor), my impression is that the development effort has been ramping up as the company grows, and that some of these emerging quirks may coincide with the increased development. If you notice any unusual, unexpected, or outright wrong behavior, please report it, either to the community (for low-priority concerns) and/or to directly (for high-priority issues).

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Thank you Steve and Malaka.
My name is Thierry D’hers and I came on board a few months back to lead engineering and help Praveen scale the org.
First, I want to apologies for the inconvenience of this change in behavior and for the late reply which came in too late for your presentation.
In general Steve is right, we look at issue raised to channel first and foremost, so for any urgent issues, this is your best bet.
Our engineers rotate every day on support.
I look at every issues brought up to support, and not resolved by Steve or Aleksi, every day myself.
As far as I know we have not made any changes recently to the charting engine. We are not touching this part of this code much, as I plan to overhaul this component in the near future and rev up our entire charting engine.
Malaka, please do reach out it to so that we can have a direct line with you to resolve your issue.

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