Third integrated view in IDE: browser

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old thread I came across had this request (which was at the end and not the subject of the thread)

@Marc_Dillon @Stefan_Quartemont

In the IDE I would also like to see a third mode, a “browser view” in addition to phone and tablet. This browser view should show the URL, I am sometimes needing to look at this view for layout verification as well as URL debugging (there are no URLs I can find in the two mobile views).

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Yeah… but having one that’s tied to the editor like the preview would be super helpful.

  • Especially for working with dashboard, trying to get the view how you like.

PS: Category for this post = Feature Request

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thanks, set to feature request, clarified the subject to use the word “integrated”, the view should be integrated.

and another benefit is that a developer needing to test this is not counted as a +1 for licenses

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