"this entry is invalid" is not show in ios

One diffrence bettween online preview and real app on ios is:
there is no infromation “this entry is invalid” when i put invalid data into field.
(like Text into decimal)

Is this a ios problem ?

Ofcourse it will not save invalid data (fields are blank after save) but still it could make some mistake for users that will not notice problem with data entry during filling.

Appsheet works better on Android or iOS ?
Where are less bugs ?
I’m prepering app for my company and want to know what kind of device buy ?

Can you provide a screenshot demonstrating this?

Yep, that’s a bug alright. I’ll bring it up internally.

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Hi @Szymon_Hajduk,
I wasn’t able to reproduce it with my app. Would you mind if I take a look in your app? I’ll need the app name for that.
In general, our Android version runs better than iOS. If you are planning to buy a device that is mainly for running AppSheet apps, I would recommend getting an Android.


I just check and still dosn’t work.

Just wanted to point out that in the examples provided comparing the two devices, it was a different string being used. Is it possible that the same string behaves the same on both devices? i.e. passes when it should fail.

Seems like a bug the in iOS.
I just want to clarify what’s going on here:
The column in question is of a decimal type, without any valid if formula and is not required. When the user is typing invalid characters (non numeric) the iOS app shows the typed value, but treat it as an empty value. Since the field is not required, the user can then save the form and an empty value would be saved.
The source of this bug is in Safari’s behavior being different than other browsers.
Since it’s very much of an edge case (numeric column + not required + iOS/Safari + user writing characters instead of digits), it probably won’t be fixed in the near future.
An optional workaround would be to mark those columns as required, and have an initial value of 0. This way the user don’t have to fill the column, but if they try to enter text they will see an error.

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