This is a question about UX With regard to t...

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This is a question about UX

With regard to the auto available layouts eg deck table gallery, is it possible to have fine grained control over what appears in say a deck, beyond the three items that are provided as choices in the UX layout panel ?


@alan_singer Not sure I understood what you meant, can you give an example of what you had in mind?

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #3

Alan, in general, we do not provide “fine-grained” control. It appears to be a good thing until it turns out that on a slightly different form factor, the app doesn’t layout well at all.

So we’ve consciously limited apps to a “logical” UI design where we take care of ensuring that the content is laid out sensibly across form factors.

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Thanks @praveen

(Just on another topic, I sent you a LinkedI message a few weeks ago but I don’t think you have read it - may be worth checking out!)