This is a security question. If i have peopl...

(Miranda Lubarsky) #1

This is a security question.

If i have people submitting reimbursement requests in a form and then I have a table view which lists all the reimbursements.

I want the employees to see their own submissions, but I don’t want them to see each other’s.

I’m assuming I would type a formula into the Security Filters area under the table in question, but what kind of formula would I use?

Could I just write USEREMAIL()

Or something as simple as: USEREMAIL() = true

I think I need some way to link the person’s name (which they select from a ref) and the username email.

I have a table with this information, but not sure how to spell it out for app sheet.


USEREMAIL()=[Employee’s Name].[Maintenance Crew Emails] But that didn’t verify.

And then in addition to that, I would like myself and our office lady to be able to view everyone’s submissions, not just our own.

So how would I write that in there?


Would that be right?

Do I separate multiple expressions by just a comma?

Thanks so much! Miranda

(Philip Garrett) #2


This article contains sample security filter expressions - Security Filters: The Essentials

Security Filters: The Essentials

(Aleksi Alkio) #3

OR(USEREMAIL()=“”,USEREMAIL()=[Employee’s Name].[Maintenance Crew Emails])

(Miranda Lubarsky) #4

Ok, I used this equation and it seemed to go through but I’m not sure how I check to make sure it will work:

USEREMAIL()=[Employee’s Name] = ‘Employees’[Maintenance Crew Names].[Maintenance Crew Emails]

I change the access mode to “as app user” but it still showed me other employee’s submissions.

Then again, it might show me because I’m the creator?

Not sure if the formula didn’t work, or if I’m just having trouble viewing it from the user’s perspective.