This may be a long shot, but it's worth a try...

(Luka V) #1

This may be a long shot, but it’s worth a try! I am using AppSheet for record keeping of a whole-day long kickball day, with various teams. I have the schedule in AppSheet, but was wondering if there is a way to add an action so that they can submit the scores for THAT specific game within the schedule only? I have a general “Submit Scores” form view, but was wondering if I can save time without having to enter the game information.

Here’s a direct browser link to the schedule view:[{“Column”%3A"Time"%2C"Order"%3A"Ascending"}]&page=fastTable&sort=[]&table=Schedule&view=Schedule

Thank you!

(Stephen Mattison) #2

Fist, you need to click Show Column Headers in Options, will be easier for you and others to follow details in your app. Next I’d check out the Order Capture Sample App to see how to build the Parent/Child app setup that you will need so you can have many-to-many Teams/Games/Scores.

Appsheet is perfect for what you’re doing. Order Capture - An app for managing customers, products, and orders.

(Luka V) #3

@Stephen_Mattison Thanks for the comment! I will look into it.

(Stephen Mattison) #4


Hows it going?

Looks like you really need to completely redo your app.

You must treat your app differently than a spreadsheet.

In your Schedule, each row should have all of the data for each Game, then you would sort your view by [Scheduled Time] and it would display your Schedule much better.

(Luka V) #5

@Stephen_Mattison Hi! I will be working on it today, didn’t have time to get to it last night! I will post any updates!