this may seem very basic but I haven't found ...

(Tim Litwiller) #1

this may seem very basic but I haven’t found it in the docs.

I want to add customer address and phone to the sheet when I select the customer.

So I made a new sheet with customer name, address, phone and etc.

now in my form I validate the name via the customer table, but how do I make it fill the address and phone from the next columns in that sheet?

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

If the ustomer column is a ref field, you can call it like [Customer].[Address]. If it’s not, then LOOKUP([_THISROW].[Customer],CustomerTable,Customer,Address).

Another question is why do you need to duplicate the data? If you need to show the addres and phone, you could show them with the virtual column.

(Tim Litwiller) #3

that last sounds like a good idea -

do you have a reference so I can learn how to use it?

Meanwhile I will see what I can find on lookup and virtual column

(Tim Litwiller) #4

@Aleksi_Alkio I found examples of LOOKUP - and got it working, Thanks for the pointer!