THIS_ROW in XLSX template


I had a virtual column which lowered the app sync time , so I decided to post this calculation only in a report generated in xlsx through workflow email.

So in the last column , I’m trying to calculate the balance , to the row.
However when I use THISROW , it references to the row of the table which generated the workflow , instead of the row of table Stockledger , which im referencing inside the SELECT.

So my question is how to reference the current row inside the filter / select.

You cannot. You’ll need to perform another “filter / select” to get the value.


Hi Steve ,
Thanks for replying.
Im not sure I understand what you mean by another “filter / select” .
The first cell brings up a filtered table. How do I reference the this table row numbers in my expression ?
PS - this expression worked as a VC , on the original table.