This workflow is not fireing eventhough the g...

(Shawn Strahan) #1

This workflow is not fireing eventhough the green check comes on for this formula in the …IF THIS IS TRUE… Condition

AND([_THISROW_BEFORE].[Delivery Status]=“IP-Delivery”, [_THISROW_AFTER].[Delivery Status]=“Complete”)

Does anyone see something wrong with this?

(Deep Foundations) #2

This workflow will only fire if the “Delivery Status” field value has changed from “IP-Delivery” to “Complete”. Is that what you intend on doing?

(Shawn Strahan) #3



I’m sure that’s how it is changing in that cell but still no workflow.

‘IP-Delivery’ then it goes to ‘Complete’

I’ll change it up and see if i can get it to work another way.


(Grant Stead) #4

@Shawn_Strahan1 how exactly are you making the change? Through a form, an action, backend? Are you sure the workflow is set for updates?

(Shawn Strahan) #5

it is with an Appformula for that column that is getting the info from another sheet Here is the APPFORMULA…that populates [Delivery Status]

=If(AND(NOT(ISBLANK([Signature])),NOT(ISBLANK([Print Name])),NOT(ISBLANK([Working order?])),NOT(ISBLANK([KnowHow])), [SN Count eq Complete Count]), “Complete”,

“IP-Delivery” )

(Aleksi Alkio) #6

Is this status column a normal column?

(Shawn Strahan) #7

[Delivery Status] is a normal column with APP FORMULA along with all the other referenced columns except. [SN Count eq Complete Count] - this is a virtual column

but I can see it has the Complete in there before i SYNC so im not sure why it wont go.

(Shawn Strahan) #8

are there common errors to look for that hold up work flow emails?

(Shawn Strahan) #9


I’ve been struggling with the Email Body Template.

If there is a problem there would that keep it from firing?

(Aleksi Alkio) #10

If you have error in a template you would see that in Audit log.

(Aleksi Alkio) #11

When you check the audit log and the log that belongs to this workflow, is the icon green or blue? Green means the workflow is fired and blue means it’s not.