[_THISROW_BEFORE] & [_THISROW_AFTER] in Action Condition

In a Form I have a Form Saved Event Action "App: go to anotherview within this app" with LINKTOFORM().
This Action should only fire, when [Column1] changes.

So I thought, in the Action condition I could use:

But then the Action would not fire at all.
I suspect that it would not work because: When change [Column1] and save the form, the LINKTOFORM() Action can not understand what the [_THISROW_BEFORE].[Column1] was.

Am I right? Is there any other solution?

As I understand it, the Form Saved action is performed immediately after the save happens. By then, the original column value is already gone. You’ll have to trigger the navigation some other way. :frowning:


Thank you @Steve.

I tried also the solution from @Heru using a VC, but this seems to be the same behavior.

So I think I would have to use a ChangeCounter, that will Reset on edit.


Try to store before value in physical column like what I mentioned in other post.


Thank you @tsuji_koichi. I see that I have to add an extra column. I was hoping to avoid this :slight_smile:

Should not be a big deal !!

I have a daily limit of 10 columns :joy: