[_THISROW_BEFORE] / [_THISROW_AFTER] Template Generator

AppSheet can automatically create email templates with just a single click, and all the column names are added to the template:

And you can manually edit the template to show before/after values:

But if you have a huge table with 100 columns and want to list ALL the before/after values, it’s going to take a lot of manual setup.

I’ve automated this with a template generator.

Just paste in the header row from your table, and then copy the output back to the email template.

The sheet is public, so anyone can make a copy and use it with their own tables.


Updated with a template column that only shows edited values:


Would it be possible to make a full app history with something like this with table name, column name, before value, after value, timestamp and useremail or something? has it been done before?

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Good idea! You could set up a separate table (or app) to store an archive of changes, and only log the fields that were updated, along with the timestamp and USEREMAIL(). That would give you a full history of changes, without storing a full copy of the row every time.

Another option would be to add a [Last Edit] column to the same table, and save the template result back to the row using an Action. Then each row could store a snapshot of the last time it was edited.


I share the line of code that worked for me

β€˜<<_APPNAME>>’ To registered a modification in the table β€˜<<_TABLENAME>>’, Responsible for the modification β€˜<< USEREMAIL () >>’, Date << NOW () >>

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