[THISROW] Deserves a better explanation in the Help

When you type THISROW in the help. We couldn’t find any articles for: [THISROW].

For me as a new user allways find THISROW as Trial an error in expressions build.

There should be another article about sintaxis [Brackets]," ‘’, .

How to refer to table, views, columns, and rows.

Hi @yastaaa

In case that may help you, two tips:

  1. some specific words are with an underscore just after square brackets.
    Thank to this, the search with “_thisrow” gives results
    Search results for: _thisrow

  2. If you didn’t do it yet, I encourage to install this web browser extension for Chrome:
    AppSheet Toolbox - Chrome Web Store


This is valid
This is not Valid

And i just trying to say the email in this current row form is in the table Users.

So there is something kind of weird outta here. There is so much confusion. I can’t get no relief… Jimmy Hendrix.

This is valid but needs the period. :roll_eyes:

It’s all there in the docs. You gotta read 'em, though.



Maybe the problem is that beginners like me find it diifcult to get to the place where the explanations are. And i am too old to read all that stuff i want to go straight to what i need.

Maybe including more tags or keywords in the Help Search Engine will help alot.

You can’t go straight to anything if you don’t know where to go. You don’t know where to go, and won’t know how to ask for directions if you don’t get the basics, which requires reading.

For instance, you wanted help with THISROW. THISROW isn’t a thing in AppSheet. There is no help to offer for something that doesn’t exist.


You are not thinking like a Google Guy. What was the main reason of Gooogle Search success? Why others better than Google di not suceed?

Have you tried using Google to search for your AppSheet answers?



That is the Key of Google Success. You go straight to the answer.

You Steve are right. It is good to read and i advice every apsheet creator to read to have a better understanding of everything.

But there are other user like me, that want to solve a particular problem without diving deep.

@yastaaa I may advice you that from the 6-7 months that I have been using the platform, I always find the answer after diving deep into the help page. AppSheet is well documented. Also, use the QREW extension so you will have some kind of ‘intellisense’ while writting the expressions. Also, make sure to be careful with the way you write something before searching for it.
Sure, Google Search does it’s magic but if you combine big common sense + something like G’Search you will get more data than writting something bad expecting the magic to do it all.

  1. If you didn’t do it yet, I encourage to install this web browser extension for Chrome:
    AppSheet Toolbox - Chrome Web Store

That Extension is awesome!


Well, just search exactly what you kneed to know but, with that mentality you wont get far coding no code or code based apps, you gotta read.