[_thisrow] stop works for automation

I used to set the reference rows of the action by using this expression with the function Select(),
and the [_thisrow] as below.

But today it stoped working.

This means [_THISROW] is not available:


the yellow line at the top is your indication. but still think that’s a bug cause it should be evaluating in the context of a row. should contact support@appsheet.com. and try not using the bot interface for editing the action. Make the action in the behavior tab and then have a task in the automation tab execute that action.

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Top one is from the actions tab and the bottom is from the bots tab. Seems like a mix up is occurring on the check in the bot tab. So add one more to the ever growing list of bugs for bots over workflows?


Is this new? It works fine until yesterday.

Probably was in the release for yesterday.

I’ll have a lot of work to do if this expression does not work anymore. Thanks for the reply. i will see if i can do it using only actions. Started using bots because of the warning it shows about the workflows disabilitation.

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It should most definitely still work since the task is just calling the action. I believe the issue would only be in the validator for the expression assistant inside of the bot window. As you can see the expression asisstant is (list of row references for action ‘undefined’) (List) when editing in the bot tab instead of (list of row references for action ‘Set all Pending Paid to Paid’) (List) when editing from the action tab. This action above works for me still so your action should still work as well.

Appsheet support said that it will need some time to look into these issue, because other customers are reporting the same.