Tidy up tables

I am progressing well developing an integrated app to manage our business but it means I am now up to 12 tables (Google Sheets in a Google Workbook. Some of them are for data lookups (e.g. Workers, Materials OrderTypes etc) and others are in Parent/Child relationships. Every time an Order is added a record is created in the Orders table. From there several jobs are created and linked to the Order. Then I have several more Timesheet entries linked to each job, as well as Materials used in that table, and Data Sheets Issued in another table.

If I implement this App, all these tables will fill up very quickly and I will need to empty out closed Orders and all the associated records - ideally copy them to another workbook for historical records. Is that best done in AppSheet somehow and, if so, how? Or do I need to write a Google Script that will find all the linked records and delete them when I delete an order?

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To find the linked records there is checkbox “is it a part of?” on your ref column.

Don’t know about cleaning it.

Might try a workflow to save a file and then some delete action for the saved records.

Haven’t done it but that’s where I would start

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Thanks Alex. using IsPartOf option will make it easier to create a way to manually delete records and linked records and may be part of the solution.

Steve, I didn’t know about Data Partitions and can certainly see a use for it. Are you thinking that perhaps I can use a different partition for each year, quarter or month. E.g. have a partitioned Orders and related tables for each year, quarter or month for example and then cull the old ones?

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Yep! :slight_smile: