Time (and date) Format user locale: submitting different time formats to spreadsheet invalid display


My app is used by users of many different nationalities who have different locale settings on their devices. ie American time format 8:00 am and indonesian time format 8.00 am (also military time too).
In my spreadsheet the time (and date) field is being filled with a mixture of these time formats (8:00 and 8.00). the time field value displays ‘invalid date’ when viewing some of these values from users who use a different time local. appsheet does same with the date field, but it does appear to reformat the date correctly and display it in appsheet view using the users local.

on closer inspection in the spreadsheet. the times being saved in 8.00 format are not being read as a valid time in the spreadsheet (when using =timevalue() to check).

So how to submit valid time value using various formats in appsheet form view so it saves as a valid time in the spreadsheet irrespective of the spreadsheet locale? or how to force my users to use one time format?

to clarify the time is being saved as only a time in the field. I have separated time and date into separate fields.

this issue seems to happen with devices that dont support the time module in the form edit view. Chrome browser controls this, and allows a time popup selector, so you cant edit the delimiter (. or :slight_smile: though firefox and safari (dont have this time module) and are just a text box. Im not sure if this is the the main problem or just one of many.

If you haven’t already tried:

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