Time does not match

I have a table where one of the columns is a timestamp column: the initial calculated value of this column is now().
When I invoke manually the add row action in my app, the time in the timestamp column is ok.
But when I get this same add row action triggered via a workflow, there is two hours time difference in the timestamp time. Why can be the reason of this wrong time?

I’m working with Google sheets, the country setting is Nederland. The time setting is (GMT+01:00) Brussels.
In appsheet, the data locale is Dutch (Netherlands).
On my PC where I run the appsheet editor, the Timezone setting is: (UTC+01:00) Brussel.

Thanks in advance Jan Lambrecht

try using a UTCNOW() to see what that results in.

The workflow is performed on the server, not on the user’s device, so the time reflects the server’s local time.

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Thanks Austin and Steve,

I was not directly aware of this. I’ll use UTCNOW(). Then I have all timestamps really chronological, independently of action executed on the server or locally on a device.

Kind regards, Jan Lambrecht.

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