Time Expression

Hey Everyone,

Im just looking at setting up a reminder system for clients scheduled appointments. Ive decided to use the report scheduling and fire appointment reminders at 2pm, looking to see if it can see appointments that are between 34 and 58 hours in the future. I made this formula but I’m not sure wether its correct as the expression helper changes the 034:00:00 to 1.10:00:00 and 058:00:00 to 2.10:00:00

does it not like me using hour increments greater than 24hours?

This is my current formula:

IF(AND([Start DateTime] >= NOW() + “034:00:00”, [Start DateTime] <= NOW() + “058:00:00”),True, False)

This must be new. I have not seen that before.

Without testing, your expression looks fine to me. Does it give you any trouble? Depending on where you are using the expression, you likely don’t need the IF() part at all. The AND() will return TRUE/FALSE

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Thanks a lot for that John, Ive not really had any problems with it yet, i just wasn’t sure wether i had done something wrong with that formula becuase of that weird helper expression.

BTW, I always add the IF and AND to my formulas, does this have any impact on speed?

Probably nothing discernable. It does add a couple of extra operations the software needs to perform that are not necessary.


Yes, I concur with @WillowMobileSystems.

It appears 034:00:00 for 1.10:00:00 means 1 day and 10 hours and 058:00:00 to 2.10:00:00 seems to mean 2 days and 10 hours. So 1.10:00:00 seems to be AppSheet internal calculation to add those many days and hours to the preceding DateTime value.

Some other evaluations matching this assumption are shown below

It shows 3.00:00:00 for 72 hours as below


It does not add any digit followed by decimal point for hours less than 24 hours as below


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That’s what I thought also.


Thanks everyone for that :slight_smile: