Time Field as EnumList reference to another Table is always returning 24 hours format


I need a help…

  1. I have two tables 1) TimeSlots 2) Schedule.
  2. TimeSlots table is having a Slot column as Time (Ex: 5:00 AM, 6:00 AM)
  3. Schedule table is having a Available Slots column as a EnumList(Base type as Time) with Ref to TimeSlots[Slot].
  4. During Add / Update to Schedule table, Available Slots shows all the TimeSlots[Slot] as 24 hours format(05:00:00, 06:00:00) along with seconds. But i want them to appear as 12 Hours format(5:00 AM, 6:00 AM) with no Seconds. Is it possible? Please help me


@Phani_Kumar You could try using a virtual column in TimeSlots, to format the time to your liking, and make it the label of the table.

For instance:

  1. Add virtual column [FormattedTime] of type Text in table TimeSlots
  2. Set the formula to:

= TEXT( [Slot], “HH:MM AM/PM” ) or whatever suits your formatting needs in TEXT() documentation

  1. Make this column [FormattedTime] the label of your TimeSlots table

When showing the enum in a view, AppSheet should pick up the label column to display, which is your formatted time.

Would this work?