Time formatting - AM/PM && 24 HOURS


I know there had been few topics here in the Community, dedicated to time formatting and specifically to AM/PM vs 24 H view format.
However, before posting here I ensured that my underlying spreadsheet (SS settings) and my testing phone are both in English UK date/time format/locale. Yet, surprisingly enough, I have the same issue where my times are with AM/PM tags.
Here is the view in table format:
However, in the Details/Form view of the same table, the times look ok:

Thus it seems to be that only TABLE view is wrong.
Not sure what else to check to make things right.
The colums in question have DateTime Type.
Appreciate any hint on this,
thank you,


I don’t understand what is causing the appearance to differ between table view and detail or form view. However, I think it should be possible to force the appearance to conform to your standards in table view if you do the following:

  1. Make a virtual column to reformat the date and time
  2. Use various text expressions to “concatenate” the appearance you like
  3. Use the virtual column in the table view instead of the original column

Here’s an example of how I forced AppSheet to format dates and times to my liking in my own app:

Good luck!

Thank you!
WIll try concatenating, though I feel there is a bug since the view should NOT be different …


Yes. It sounds to me like there is some kind of bug involved. Concatenating may be a workaround until the bug gets straightened out. Good luck!

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I agree, this is a bug.

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Thank you Steve, this has been posted in the Bug Section of the Community.

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