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validation not to load a new event over a pending one

good, I’m doing something similar about data referring to events in rooms in different locations that may have the same name , it loads location, room, event opening (date time column), event closing (date column time) , if there is no closing date and time that is not required, then afterwards it is edited , I also have a closed or pending column depending on whether the closing is blank, what I want to do is not An event can be generated on a room that is in use or pending closure and that the closing times of the previous event do not overlap

validación para no cargar un nuevo evento sobre uno pendiente
buenas, estoy haciendo algo parecido acerca de datos referidos a eventos en salones en distintas localidades que pueden llegar a tener el mismo nombre, se carga localidad, salon , apertura del evento (columna date time) , cierre del evento (columna date time), si no se tiene dia y hora de cierre eso no es requerido, entonces después se edita , tengo además una columna de cerrado o pendiente en función de si el cierre esta en blanco, lo que quiero hacer es que no se pueda generar un evento sobre un salon que esta en uso o sea pendiente de cierre y que tampoco se solapen los horarios de cierre del anterior evento

Overlapping is a pain to write. But I’ve done it in a few Apps so I’l give you some pointers.

You’ll need to create a forumla for a Valid_IF rule on either the start time or the end time. So that the App will not allow an overlap. Next you’ll need to write a formula that performs the following checks:

A = start time of the record you’re creating
B = end time of the record you’re creating
X = start time of an existing record
Y = end time of an existing record

  AND(Y>=A, Y<=B),
  AND(X>=A, X<=B)

Hope this helps :slight_smile:



good, I tried this and it did not give me results , in the data validity of the opening of the event (date time) ,
[thisrow]. [ this]> LOOKUP (MAXROW (“NEWS”, “opening”, AND ([LOCATION] = [_THISROW]. [LOCATION], [SWITCH] = [THISROW]. [SWITCH], ([OPENING] <[ THISROW]. [OPENING], ([status] = “closed”)))), NEWS, ID, closing)