Time of day choices

I’d like to be able to enter the time of day by choosing a number on a “spinning wheel” for hours, minutes and AM/PM. Any idea how I can do this? I’ve got it going with the date but, not sure how that works.


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You probably have your column defined as Date? If you would like to see the time as well, redefine the column as DateTime. The should then show the Time spinners when you are entering a Date. NOTE: there is an “Ignore seconds” checkbox in the column definition you will probably want to mark.


The “spinning wheel” is system specific. So its based on the phone/browser the user is using.


Thanks for replying. I had it designated as “Time” as I already have a separate column for Date. When I go to enter a new entry, the current time is already displayed. I have to delete and enter the exact time that I need in the format that I need. Changing to DateTime didn’t do it.

I got it. There was a TIME(NOW) command in there messing things up. I deleted it and I’ve got my wheels. Sweeeeeet. Thanks!!!


Thanks for this thread, the Time(NOW) didn’t seem to affect the problem until I checked the ignore seconds box.